I help people who have been Laid Off or Let Go.

FREE Option:

The FREE 3 Day series covers 3 things:

Day 1Do Right Away
What are some of the first things you should do after you lose your job?

Day 2Your Emotions
Awareness around very strong emotions such as fear, embarrassment, failure, worry and feeling like you let others down

Day 3Possibility & Opportunity
What’s next for you?

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The Course is $49 for 1 Year access,
is Pre-Recorded & 100% Self Paced.

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My name is Dawn Cooper, and I my work as a Certified Leadership & Life Coach centers around helping people navigate unexpected job loss.

I’ve lost my job before too, twice actually.  It is my purpose as a Coach to help people during a particularly painful challenging time of life.  Everything I share, all the material I’ve created is what I learned in my own experience with job loss.

Please take advantage of the Free 3 Day Series. The material from the Free Series comes directly from the Laid Off Let Go Course.   

If the Free Series was helpful to you and you want more, consider taking the Course.

The Laid Off or Let Go Course broken up into (3) Sections and is a deep dive into these topics:

Section 1- What Do you Need to do
(7) Modules & (1) Optional Faith Perspective Module

Section 2- Navigate Emotions
(6) Modules & (1) Optional Faith Perspective Module

Section 3- What’s Next
(6) Modules & (1) Optional Faith Perspective Module

The Course is $49 for 1 Year access,
is Pre-Recorded & 100% Self Paced.

You can Pay now or Pledge to Pay Later*
*use Coupon Code: PledgeToPayLater

Private Coaching

If you are looking for one on one support, I offer a (5) hour/month Private Coaching Package.  Let’s chat if this interests you.

I'm an International Coach Federation Member and a Certified Leadership & Life Coach.