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Only $49 for access for the lifetime of the course.

This Course builds upon the Transtheoretical Model of Change (developed by Prochaska, DiClemente & colleagues)

The Course Includes:
7 Learning Modules w/Videos & a 43 Page Workbook

If you are tired of WANTING to make changes in your life, 
but are STRUGGLING at making them stick,
this course is for YOU!  

The Resolution Keeper Course will help you:

1. Clearly DEFINE a goal you want to work on.

2. Encourage you to PREPARE for the changes you want to make.

3.  Guide you as you take ACTION on your goal.

4.  ENCOURAGE you when your motivation is low and you just don’t “feel like it”.

5.  Celebrating SUCCESS when you reach your goal and exploring what’s next.

Materials available to enrolled students.