This Course was created to help those who have been Laid Off or Let Go get back on your feet faster.  

The Laid Off or Let Go Course includes everything I can think of to help you navigate your job loss.  It includes all the things that would have helped me when I lost my job(s).


3 Options to Pay

1. Pay Now

2. Have someone purchase the course for you- (as a gift)

3. You can pay later- Use coupon code:  PledgeToPayLater

$49 for 1 Year Access.  Pre-recorded, 100% Self Paced.

We'll cover these topics in the course:

Section 1

Do Right Away
Evaluate Your Finances
What Do You Bring to the Table?
Ideas to Bring in Money
Action Plan
Optional 1- Faith Perspective

Section 2

Your Emotions
Emotional Intelligence Explained
How the Brain Works
Unhealthy vs Healthy Emotion Mgmt
Manage Your Emotions
The Emotions of Others
Optional 2- Faith Perspective

Section 3

Possibility & Opportunity
What Do You Want?
Value Assessment
Grow While You Wait
Optional 3- Faith Perspective

Disclaimer:  By signing up for Laid Off or Let Go Course, I understand that I am fully responsible for my own decisions, and well-being.  No guarantees have been made as to the expected outcome of the Course. I will consult with a Mental Health Professional if I experience depression or suicidal thoughts.  I understand that the information provided does not represent legal or financial advice.

Refund Policy:  If you are purchasing the course for someone else, please confirm before purchasing that they do not already have access to the course.  Refunds are available within (7) days unless the digital material has been accessed.  There are no refunds if you have accessed the digital material, downloaded documents, or watched videos.   If you request a refund within (7) days and have not accessed the material, there is a $10 fee to cover bank charges.